IP Technology Attorneys In Meeting Room


Technology transactions are uniquely challenging because they are technical. The devil is in the details, and our lawyers mix an understanding of computers, code and contracts with business goals and strategic objectives, enabling us to stay on point for software developers and users.

IP transactions cover a wide range of businesses. Some are technical, while others involve all sorts of companies that need to protect their brands, plans, processes and trade secrets. Our attorneys are skilled at protecting and licensing copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents, registering copyrights and trademarks, and working with outside patent lawyers to help ensure that the patent applications they prepare match our client’s business needs.

  • Represented numerous providers of technology and technological services to the entertainment industry, including providers in the areas of DVD technology, computer software, special effects and post-production, as to the negotiation and documentation of a variety of transactions.
  • Represented various Internet-based businesses, and creators and users of digital media in various transactions.
  • Represented an L.A.-based online video game creator, producer and publisher regarding projects and corporate finance, including work on various rights agreements.
  • Provided advice and legal work in connection with the overall plan for digital delivery of a feature film and other related product to theaters and in all ancillary media worldwide.
  • Represented a leading German broadcaster as to a $55 million acquisition of licenses and investment in and co-production of 22 animated television series (572 half-hour episodes) and 30 two-hour television motion pictures.
  • Represented a major U.S. computer graphics software designer and hardware manufacturer as to limited technology transfer (license) and formation of limited liability entity to co-finance and develop location-based attractions for numerous entertainment centers in theater multiplexes of one of the largest U.S. theatrical exhibitors.
  • Represented the developer of an early computerized color conversion system for converting black and white film to color as to copyright issues, library acquisition and licensing.
  • Conducted numerous chain-of-title analyses in connection with transactions involving entertainment properties and intellectual property works.
  • Negotiated and drafted agreements (and/or provided advice) involving books, videogames, motion pictures, television shows, websites, sunglasses, product container designs, t-shirts, paintball guns, toys, karaoke machines, food labels and many other works and goods in connection with a variety of transactions involving copyright, trademark (and trade dress), patent and other intellectual property rights, including drafting license agreements, option and purchase agreements, assignment agreements, collaboration agreements, work for hire agreements, a variety of production agreements (e.g., writers, actors, directors and producers agreements, location agreements, etc.), distribution agreements, music publishing rights agreements (i.e., mechanical, synchronization and public performance), and master recording rights agreements.