Our aviation and aerospace practice group provides counseling and legal representation to clients throughout the aviation and aerospace sectors. For aircraft owners and operators, we assist with all aspects of aircraft purchases and sales and help potential buyers decide which ownership model makes the most sense, depending on each client’s specific needs. We assist with chartering, leasing, fractional programs, management agreements, pilot agreements, FAA and tax filings, and all other aspects of aircraft ownership. For flight departments, charter companies, management companies, flight schools, and manufacturers, we ensure that our clients are in compliance with all local, state, federal and international regulations, and can provide advice and legal assistance with respect to business formation, partnership agreements, real estate leasing, employment and independent contractor agreements, liability waivers, insurance coverage, trademark protection, and any other business needs that are presented. Our experienced litigators are also available to handle any disputes that may arise, with the goal of resolving issues quickly and efficiently (and often, confidentially) so that our clients can stay focused on growth, momentum and their own continued success.

We are proud members of the National Business Aviation Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Women in Aviation, and the American Bar Association Forum on Air & Space Law.

The head of the Aviation and Aerospace Practice Group, Amy Nashon, is herself a student pilot and when not in the office, she is probably out logging hours in a Cirrus SR-20 out of KVNY.

  • Represented clients in the purchase and sale of aircraft of all sizes, from single-props to heavy jets, throughout the United States and abroad
  • Represented owners in the leasing of aircraft to charter companies
  • Represented a client in the sale and export of airliners to Asia
  • Represented a client in the leasing of specialty aircraft for use at the Olympic games
  • Represented charter companies with preparation of FAR Part 135 documentation, employment agreements, and customer booking agreements
  • Represented clients in the acquisition of subsidiary aviation companies
  • Counseled clients regarding mixed business and personal use of aircraft
  • Counseled pilots regarding FAA, DOT and CBP regulations, compliance and enforcement proceedings
  • Represented aircraft owners by negotiating new contracts and contract modifications with maintenance program service providers
  • Represented aircraft management companies by preparing hangar lease agreements, aircraft management agreements, and pilot services agreements
  • Represented flight schools by preparing student pilot agreements and waivers
  • Litigated a partnership dispute over ownership of a management and charter company
  • Litigated a dispute with an aircraft broker for negligence during the pre-purchase process
  • Litigated a dispute with an aircraft seller for breach of the aircraft purchase agreement