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International Media Seek TroyGould for Comment on Entertainment and Tech Law and Business

Entertainment and digital media attorney Jonathan Handel has been frequently called by domestic and international media to comment on entertainment labor, new media, entertainment, and technology.

Handel, a former associate counsel at the Writers Guild, has been quoted concerning those matters over 1,000 times in outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, New York Post, Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg News, and including multiple appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, CNN, CNBC (and a second video here), Bloomberg television, Fox Business News, Los Angeles channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13, HDNet News, Canadian national television (CBC and CTV), New Zealand radio and television, BBC TV and Radio, NPR, and other U.S. local and national radio stations.

The wire service stories have been reprinted in several thousand different newspaper print editions and newspaper and TV station websites, including newspapers in Taiwan, China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, Canada, England, and various European countries.

Handel also serves as a Contributing Editor for the Hollywood Reporter. In addition, he has written an Op-Ed piece and a book review for the Los Angeles Times, several articles for the Daily Journal, two Op-Ed pieces for the Los Angeles Business Journal, and several hundred blog articles for the Huffington Post.

Handel’s media appearances, in reverse chronological order, are as follows:
May 29: Daily Mail (Morgan Freeman)
May 25: BBC Breakfast TV, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5, BBC World News TV (Harvey Weinstein arrest, Morgan Freeman allegations)
May 15: KNX (NCIS actress Pauley Perrette’s allegations of physical assault)
May 10: BBC Radio 5 Live (Spotify removal of R. Kelly music from playlists)
May 4: University Times (pickup of Oct. 11 NPR re NDAs) [1040]
April 30: Communications Daily (Charter/Northwest blackout fight)
April 26: KNX (Cosby — show’s other talent losing residuals and participations)
April 12: KNX (SAG-AFTRA guideline re auditions and meetings in private places)
April 6: KNX (WGA renegotiation with talent agents)
April 4: BBC Radio 5 Live (Stranger Things lawsuit)
March 8: KNX (Motion Picture Academy president cleared of sex harassment allegations)
March 19: KNX (Times Up call for investigation of NY DA decision not to prosecute Weinstein)
March 14: KNX (inclusion riders)
February 18: USC Annenberg Radio (self-driving cars) [1031]
February 15: Digital Production Buzz (net neutrality; responding to Commr. Carr)
February 11: BBC Radio Five Live (NY AG suit against Weinstein Company & Weinsteins)
February 7: KNX (morality clauses)
January 11: Crains New York (
January 4: Digital Production Buzz (look ahead at 2018)
December 28: Digital Production Buzz (look back at 2017)
December 23: San Francisco Chronicle (self-driving cars)
December 5: San Francisco Chronicle (self-driving cars)
December 4: USA Today (Weinstein)
November 29: KNX, KCBS TV & KCAL TV, BBC Radio 5 Live (Matt Lauer) [1021]
November 21: Straight Talk VO vlog (SAG-AFTRA video game strike)
November 16: Marketplace (FCC vote on broadcast deregulation), Digital Production Buzz (sexual harassment)
November 15: KNX (class action RICO case against Weinstein, et al.)
November 13: New Zealand Herald (pickup re “Hobbit law”)
November 10: KNX (Louis CK)
November 7: KPCC (guilds & sexual harassment), KNX (Harvey Weinstein use of private detectives)
November 2: KNX (Kevin Spacey)
November 1: KNX (Brett Ratner) [1010]
October 30: KNX (Kevin Spacey)
October 27: BBC Radio 5 Live (James Toback)
October 26: KNX (Harvey Weinstein)
October 25: Washington Post (sexual abuse / NDAs)
October 24: ABC News website (same)
October 20: Daily News / Pasadena Star-News (self-driving cars)
October 19: Digital Production Buzz (Harvey Weinstein)
October 17: KNX  (same)
October 16: KNX (same)
October 14: KNX x2 (same) [1000]
October 13: KNX (same)
October 12: The Daily Ledger television show (same)
October 11: NPR All Things Considered (same / NDAs)
October 10: KNX (same)
October 8: KNX (same)
August 16: Washington Post (Walking Dead profit participation lawsuits against AMC)
August 14: KNX (same)
July 6: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA negotiations)
July 4: KNX (SAG-AFTRA negotiations)
July 3: KNX, KCRW (same)
June 30: KNX (same)
June 27: CNBC (same) [987]
June 26: KNX (same)
June 22: Digiday (video licensing on various platforms)
June 13: KNX (Deadpool piracy arrest)
June 2: KNX, LA Daily News (Kathy Griffin dispute with Trump)
May 31: KPCC The Frame (SAG-AFTRA negotiations)
May 4: Digital Production Buzz (WGA deal)
May 2: KTLA 5 TV, KABC 7 TV, KPCC The Frame, KCBS radio San Francisco, The Recorder (American Lawyer Media) (same) [979]
May 1: KTLA 5 TV, KABC 7 TV, KCRW, KNX (2x), WTOP Washington DC radio, Australian Broadcasting Company radio, BBC Radio 5 (2x) (WGA negotiations), KCBS 2 TV (driverless cars)
April 30: KCBS radio San Francisco (WGA negotiations)
April 29: KABC 790 Gurvey’s Law (same)
April 28: KABC 7 TV, Reuters, Reuters TV, KNX (2x — morning and evening) (same)
April 27: Jeffries investor conference call (same)
April 25: CNN HLN, Fox Business News (and Fox News), CNBC (and Public TV NBR), KPCC AirTalk, KNX, AP (same)
April 24: KCRW Press Play, Annenberg Radio News, KNX (same)
April 21: Marketplace (same)
April 19: KNX, KPCC (same)
April 18: Marketplace (same) [935]
April 15: KNX (same)
April 11: CNBC
April 10: KCRW Morning Edition, KPCC The Frame (same)
April 6: KNX (same)
March 27: KNX (WGA strike authorization vote)
March 23: KPCC The Frame, Digital Production Buzz (WGA negotiations and “Peak TV”)
March 22: KCRW Press Play (same)
March 13: LA Business Journal (WGA negotiations)
March 9: NPR Marketplace (SAG-AFTRA/Telemundo vote)
March 1: LA Weekly (coffee table book photo)
February 23: Digital Production Buzz (and here) (WGA negotiations)
February 9: Digital Production Buzz (accidental journalist)
January 19: Digital Production Buzz (synthespians / virtual actors)
January 5: Associated Press (regulation of subliminal ads)
December 29: Digital Production Buzz (look back and look ahead in entertainment labor)
December 21: CBS Evening News (Uber dispute with Cal. DMV and AG over driverless cars)
December 1: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA videogame strike; Magic Castle; other)
November 10: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA videogame strike and other)
October 27: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA videogame strike)
October 21: KNX (same)
October 20: KCRW (SAG-AFTRA potential videogame strike)
October 18: US Times (same)
October 8: AP (Billy Bush and vulgar sexual conversation with Donald Trump)
September 26: NPR All Things Considered (new Cal. Law restricting posting of ages and birthdays on IMDb)
September 23: PC Magazine (new federal policy on driverless cars / autonomous vehicles)
September 20: Bloomberg (same), USC Annenberg Radio (same) [911]
September 7: KNX (potential age discrimination suit against motion picture Academy and re #OscarsSoWhite)
September 2: US Times (Vizio, LeEco and privacy/espionage issues)
August 25: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA’s Gabrielle Carteris and David White, and diversity issues)
August 4: Digital Production Buzz (Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and re SAG-AFTRA campaign to unionize Telemundo)
July 1: KCBS radio San Francisco (declining cinema attendance)
June 23: (ethical issues re driverless cars)
June 17: Screen International (synthespians / virtual actors)
June 16: Knowledge@Wharton podcast (Uber driver settlement)
June 1: Film Talk podcast (entertainment law)
April 26: Knowledge@Wharton podcast (Uber driver settlement) [900]
March 25: US Times (podcast) (death of SAG-AFTRA president Ken Howard)
March 23: KNX radio (same)
December 31: Digital Production Buzz (look forward at entertainment labor)
December 24: Digital Production Buzz (look back at entertainment labor)
October 20: KNX (Sony hack settlement)
October 8: KNX (impact of California Fair Pay law on entertainment salaries)
October 1: Digital Production Buzz (IATSE residuals deal; SAG-AFTRA convention)
September 24: Digital Production Buzz (differentiating employees vs. independent contractors)
September 23: KPCC (copyright of Happy Birthday song)
September 2: CBS 2 & KCAL 9 (Hollywood sex abuse allegations) [890]
August 27: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA elections, IATSE deal, DGA diversity, SAG-AFTRA sound recordings code)
August 20: USC News (driverless cars)
August 19: Nightly Business Report (PBS/CNBC) (SAG-AFTRA elections), KPCC The Frame (same)
August 14: HuffPost Live (video) (sexual abuse lawsuits and wrongful accusations against Garth Ancier), Lawyer to Lawyer Legal Talk Network (classification of Uber drivers)
August: Communication of the ACM (professional computer science journal) (ethics of driverless cars)
July 31: Marketplace (public radio) (Relativity bankruptcy)
July 23: KABC TV (EU antitrust action against studios and Sky TV), Digital Production Buzz (unpaid internships, SAG-AFTRA elections) [880]
July 16: Digital Production Buzz (new SAG-AFTRA low budget rates)
June 23: Newsworks (Philadelphia WHYY NPR) (Cal. Labor Commissioner ruling that Uber drivers are employees)
June 22: Financial Times (Instacart classification of workers and re Uber)
June 19: Financial Times (Uber), picked up in Australian Financial Review
June 18: Westwood One radio network (Uber), KPCC The Frame (runaway scoring)
June 17: NPR, FOX News Radio (Uber)
May 12: CKNW Simi Sara Show Vancouver (ACLU call for gov’t investigation of gender bias in hiring of directors) [870]
May 12: KNX radio (antitrust investigation of theater chains)
April 17: LA Times (EU antitrust case against Google), KNX (Justice Dept. opposition to Comcast – TWC deal)
April 5: KNX (Michael Jackson)
April 3: AP (Breach of confidentiality re Will Ferrell – Kristen Wiig movie)
March 31: KNX (defection of agents from CAA to UTA)
March 22: AP Radio (antitrust lawsuit against MLB and NHL regarding league-wide packages)
March 20: Marketplace (public radio) (comic book battles between Marvel and Fox)
March 18: Wall Street Journal (regulation of self-driving cars) [860]
February 11: News Talk Florida (Brian Williams and Jon Stewart)
February 5: Annenberg TV News (resignation of Sony co-chair Amy Pascal)
January 22: Digital Production Buzz (runaway production, musicians union, possible Teamsters commercial strike and SAG Awards)
January 15: The Hill (cyber insurance in wake of Sony hack)
January 13: KNX radio special Lights, Camera, Terror (Sony hack)
January 1: Digital Production Buzz (year end roundup / year ahead re work, the guilds, etc.)
December 30: WNCT TV (using clip from Sky TV interview) (Sony hack)
December 25: NY Post (2014 box office)
December 24: KNX, KABC TV (Sony hack, release of movie on VOD prior to theatrical)
December 23: CNBC, NPR All Things Considered (Sony hack) [850]
December 19: CBS Evening News, AP (NY Times), NY Post (Sony hack)
December 18: NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, The Insider (syndicated TV show), Sky News (UK TV), KPCC Airtalk, NPR All Things Considered, The Hill, U.S. News and World Report, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan’s largest newspaper), Ian Masters (syndicated public radio show) (Sony hack)
December 17: NBC Nightly News, KNBC TV, NY Times, AP, San Jose Mercury News, Westwood One Radio, KKSF San Francisco Talk Radio 910, Australian Broadcasting Company radio, LA Weekly, Daily Mail (UK) (Sony hack), Cyber Law and Business Report (podcast) (2014 digital heroes and zeroes) [836]
December 16: KNX, AP, Bloomberg (Sony hack)
December 15: CBS News Up to the Minute, KNX, Marketplace (public radio) (Sony hack)
December 12: CBS This Morning (Sony hack), CBC Radio Day 6 (Hobbit legal battles) [821]
December 11: CNBC (Sony hack), Digital Production Buzz (Sony, ART hacks)
December 10: Washington Post (Sony hack)
December 6: KCRW Press Play (Bill Cosby lawsuit)
November 13: Digital Production Buzz (Neil Patrick Harris, ITV and WGA East)
November 6: Digital Production Buzz (live streaming of stage plays)
November 3: The Guardian (WGAE boycott of Neil Patrick Harris show)
September 25: Digital Production Buzz (CWA v. CNN case)
September 16: Muck Rack (autobiographical piece on journalism career)
September 10: KCRW Press Play (unpaid intern suit against CBS and David Letterman)
September 9: Huffington Post Live (driverless cars) [810]
September 2: KNX (live; re iCloud celebrity photo hacking scandal)
August 6: Digital Production Buzz (sexual harassment and re unsafe working condition)
August 6: KCRW Press Play (Hollywood sex abuse lawsuits)
July 24: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA deal)
July 4: MuckRack (featured journalist)
July 3: Digital Production Buzz (Supreme Court Aereo decision and re SAG-AFTRA)
June 26: Digital Production Buzz (Aereo decision)
June 25: KCRW, KNX radio (Aereo decision)
June 24: KNX Radio (driverless cars)
May 23: CBC Canadian radio (Jason Patric / Danielle Schreiber custody case) [800]
May 15: Digital Production Buzz (labor roundup)
May 2: KFWB (Tarantino v. Gawker copyright suit)
April 30: CyberLaw and Business Report Internet radio
April 25: HuffPost Live video (Huffington Post) (media coverage of Bryan Singer case)
April 24: KNX (Bryan Singer case), Digital Production Buzz (Aereo), LA Weekly (Fashion Police labor dispute)
April 23: KCRW Press Play (Hollywood sex abuse lawsuits)
April 22: KABC TV ch. 7 and KNX (Aereo Supreme Court argument)
April 21: News Talk Florida (Bryan Singer allegations)
April 18: WGN Chicago radio (Bryan Singer allegations)
April 17: DeMatteo Monness (investor conference call re Aereo)
February 20: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA leadership and WGA negotiations)
February 12: KNX (UCLA study of diversity in entertainment industry) [785]
February 6: Digital Production Buzz (WGA negotiations)
January 2: Digital Production Buzz (year ahead for entertainment labor)
November 28: Digital Production Buzz (DGA deal and upcoming negotiations)
November 20: KFWB (sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life)
August 27: Bloomberg (FilmOn aka Aereokiller)
August 1: Digital Production Buzz (guild election season)
June 20: Digital Production Buzz (online soap operas and re SAG-AFTRA)
June 14: KPCC (copyright challenge to Happy Birthday song)
May 23: Digital Production Buzz (WGA Fashion Police strike and re Aereo union issues)[800]
May 16: DeMatteo Monness (investor conference call re Aereo)
May 9: SJ Mercury News (music on the web)
May: VideoAge (residuals)
April 25: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA layoffs, WGA strike against Fashion Police and re Entertainment Labor: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography)
April 21: KNX (SAG-AFTRA layoffs) [770]
April 19: SNL Kagan (Aereo and AutoHop)
April 18: SNL Kagan (Aereo)
April 11: Christian Science Monitor (Aereo)
March 21: Digital Production Buzz (MPTF labor troubles and re state of the VFX industry)
March 8: Washington (DC) Business Journal (production incentives)
February 21: Digital Production Buzz (SAG-AFTRA commercial negotiations, and re next 14 months’ labor calendar)
February 7: New York Times (coverage of NZ Hobbit document release; “Jonathan Handel, [is] an avid chronicler of Hollywood labor news”)
January 3: Heartland Labor Forum radio show (20 minute interview re The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis book)
December 27: Digital Production Buzz (2012 labor roundup / 2013 look ahead)
November 29: Digital Production Buzz (re The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis book) [760]
November 28: The Atlantic (same)
November 27: Australian Broadcasting Company (same)
November 27: NZ Herald (book mentioned)
November 26: Radio NZ Nine to Noon (same; 15 minute interview)
November 26: (Tolkien blog) (same)
November 25: Scoop NZ (and here) (book press release)
November 25: Australian Associated Press
November 25: Blog (book mentioned)
November 25: Radio NZ Morning Show (book mentioned)
November 24: New Zealand TV3 (national) (re The New Zealand Hobbit Crisis book)
November 8: Digital Production Buzz (re Prop 32; Hurricane Sandy relief; Lucasfilm pregnancy claim)
October 18: Digital Production Buzz (re IATSE organizing)
October 5: BBC News (re ReDigi and first sale doctrine)
September 26: SAG Actors Reporter video podcast (re SAG-AFTRA at 6 mos.)
September 13: Digital Production Buzz (re IATSE ASA, and runaway production)
September 3: (re claimed Bruce Willis’s desire to leave his iTunes music to his kids)
August 30: Digital Production Buzz (re foreign royalties for writers, directors and actors)
August 28: LA Times (letter to the editor re presidential election)
August 9: Digital Production Buzz (re production using Looxcie mini cam)
June 21: Digital Production Buzz podcast (live) (re Lindsay Lohan / crew alleged overwork on Lifetime’s ‘Liz & Dick’)
June 20: KNX (live) (re same)
June 7: Digital Production Buzz (re labor developments, including organizing VFX artists)
April 5: Digital Production Buzz (re SAG-AFTRA merger)
March 30: KFWB, KNX (live) and KPCC (re SAG/AFTRA merger)
March 22: Digital Production Buzz (re judge’s decision to cancel hearing in anti-merger lawsuit)
March 19: KNX (re judge’s decision to cancel hearing in anti-merger lawsuit)
March 16: MediaBistro (re JLH article re SAG Pension & Health Plan)
March 8: Reyhani law firm blog (re Hollywood & Silicon Valley)
March 1: Digital Production Buzz (re SAG/AFTRA merger)
February 24: SAG Actor podcast (re anti-merger lawsuit)
February 23: KFWB (re anti-merger lawsuit)
February 22: KNX (re anti-merger lawsuit)
January 16: KNX (re SAG/AFTRA merger)
December 29: Digital Production Buzz (year-end summary of Hollywood labor, and look-ahead)
November 2: KFWB (re Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction case)
October 14:KNX (SAG-AFTRA merger)
September 28: KFWB (re suit by interns against Fox Searchlight)
September 5: KNX (re guild/union new media)
September 2: KNX (re SAG and AFTRA)
July 12: KFWB (re Netflix licensing fees)
July 11: KFWB (same)
June 20: KFWB, KNX (re SAG-AFTRA merger talks)
May 23: KFWB (re copyright dispute over tattoo art appearing in The Hangover 2)
May 6: (re Apple licensing terms)
May 3: KFWB (re Nicollette Sheridan wrongful termination suit)
April 25: LA Business Journal (re Hollywood on Strike! book)
April 22: Back Stage (excerpt from Hollywood on Strike! book)
April 21: KFWB (re Premium VOD)
April 20: KFWB (re Premium VOD)
April 11: Showbiz Sandbox podcast (re Hollywood on Strike! book)
April 6: Back Stage’s Espresso Blog (re Hollywood on Strike! book)
March 30: Bloomberg (re TWC iPad app)
March 29: Back Stage’s Espresso Blog (re Netflix residuals)
March 21: KNX, KCRW (re WGA deal)
March 17: Digital Production Buzz (re THR job and re Hollywood on Strike! book)
March 14: Kansas City Star (re Hollywood on Strike! book)
March: KFWB (twice)
February 28: Entertainment Law Reporter (re Hollywood on Strike! book)
January 28: FlowTV (re New Zealand Hobbit crisis)
January 27: Digital Production Buzz (re SAG-AFTRA merger)
December 30: Digital Production Buzz (year-ahead review of labor issues)
December 13: New Zealand Herald (re Hollywood accounting)
December 10: Script Magazine (Q&A re compensation).
December 2: New Zealand Herald (re The Hobbit and re the role of movies in boosting tourism)
November 26: Actor’s Reporter podcast
November 16: KFWB (re South Park parody)
November 12: Media Bistro (article re LA press club event)
November 11: KFWB (re Biggest Loser strike), Digital Production Buzz (same).
November 8: KFWB, KNX, KPCC and Showbiz Sandbox podcast (all re SAG/AFTRA deal with AMPTP) and KCRW (re Hobbit)
November 1: KFWB (re guest on Bill Maher lighting up a joint on TV)
Late October: Australian Broadcasting Co. (re Hobbit)
October 27: Showbiz Sandbox (re Hobbit)
October 20: New Zealand Radio Live (re Hobbit).
September 28 LA Times The Big Picture (re Hobbit article)
September 15: social.lawyers: Transforming Business Development (JLH profiled in book on how lawyers can use social media)
September 7: Back Stage magazine’s Espresso Blog (re residuals formulas applicable to different online video services)
August 31: Bloomberg (re iTunes and devaluation of content)
August 19: Digital Production Buzz (re Teamsters)
August 18: TechNewsWorld  (re school district webcam decision)
August 5: Digital Production Buzz (re Copyright Office ruling re jailbreaking iPhones)
July 27: Back Stage’s Espresso blog (re Teamsters)
July 26: Studio Briefing (re Teamsters), LA Business Journal (re The Film Department), Bloomberg News (re Copyright Office decision on jailbreaking Apple iPhone)
July 25: KNBC (television interview re Teamsters)
July 23: KNX (re possible Teamsters strike)
July 19: KFWB (re potential Teamsters strike), KNX (re same), Studio Briefing (same), Social Lawyers book excerpt (bio piece re JLH).
July 15: Digital Production Buzz (re Chevron’s attempt to subpoena outtakes from Joe Berlinger’s documentary Crude)
July 13: KFWB (appeals court decision re FCC indecency guidelines)
July 1: Actors Reporter podcast (re residuals chart)
June 29: KFWB (reality television and children’s safety)
June 21: San Fernando Valley Business Journal (NBC-Universal – Comcast merger)
June 15: KFWB (trading box office futures)
May 27: KFWB (re Kendra Wilkinson sex video rights of privacy and publicity)
May 26: LAist (re the viral rather than top-down nature of digital content)
May 20: Digital Production Buzz (re litigiousness, and how producers can protect themselves)
April 29: Back Stage Magazine’s Espresso Blog (re DGA, SAG and AFTRA negotiations)
April 26: KFWB (re proposed futures markets in Hollywood box office receipts).
April 17: BizMediaLaw blog (re Handel’s release of residuals summary chart)
April 15:Three Minute Media (re proposed futures markets in Hollywood box office receipts).
April 1: Digital Production Buzz podcast (re residuals summary chart), Back Stage magazine (same)
March 30: Back Stage magazine’s Espresso blog (re the chart)
March 26: ACTORSandCREW blog/newsletter (re the chart)
March 25: Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business blog (re the chart)
March 18: Actors Reporter podcast (re AFTRA dominance of pilot season)
March 4: Detroit Free Press (picked up by 17 other outlets) (re Hurt Locker lawsuit).
March 3: KFWB (re Hurt Locker lawsuit).
February 25: Back Stage (re possibility of merger of SAG, AFTRA and Actors’ Equity).
February 22: KFWB (re alleged coaching of contestants in Our Little Genius game show).
February 11: Back Stage magazine (re pilots being overwhelmingly shot under AFTRA jurisdiction).
February 9: Back Stage magazine’s Espresso blog (re pilots being overwhelmingly shot under AFTRA jurisdiction).
January 25: American Lawyer (NBC and Conan O’Brien).
January 22: Variety (distribution of Sundance films on YouTube), Hollywood Reporter (SAG look ahead).
January 21: KNX (NBC and Conan O’Brien), KFWB (same), Digital Production Buzz podcast (same).
January 19: (NBC and Conan O’Brien), American Lawyer blog (same)
January 18: KFWB (NBC and Conan O’Brien), Kansas City Star TV Barn blog (same).
January 14: American Lawyer blog (NBC and Conan O’Brien)
January 13: KNX (NBC and Conan O’Brien)
January 11: KFWB (NBC and Conan O’Brien)
January 10: USC Annenberg School’s Neon Tommy blog (online privacy).
January 7 Showbiz Sandbox podcast (re dispute between Fox TV and Time-Warner cable)
January 1: Inside Counsel (re Novelis and Vernor copyright infringement cases) and Amherst College alumni magazine (profile of SAG president Ken Howard)
December 31: Digital Production Buzz podcast (look ahead at upcoming year).
December 30: KFWB (re dispute between Fox TV and Time-Warner cable)
December 29: KPCC (re dispute between Fox TV and Time-Warner cable)
December 24: Digital Production Buzz podcast (year-in-review).
December 18: Reuters (re the business potential for 3-D movies)
December 6: LA Times (re video game labor issues).
December 1: SAGWatch (re AFM agreement).
November 21: “Labor Law with J. David Sackman” (Cal State Univ. Dominguez Hills distance learning cable TV program).
November 12: (re role of Facebook status update as alibi for criminal suspect), (same).
November 2: LA Business Journal (re banks suing celebrities who default on loans).
November 1: Above & Below the Line (monthly newsletter; re SAG).
October 27: The Register (re DMCA).
October 26: LA Business Journal (profile; see also, PFF blog (re LA Times review).
October 25: The Register (re DMCA).
October 24: UCLA Law School website (re LA Times book review).
October 23: LA Times (review of recent book by Google’s senior copyright counsel).
October 6: KFWB (executive changes at Universal),
October 5: KFWB (runaway production), KNX (executive changes at Universal),
October 2: Metropolitan News-Enterprise (LA daily legal newspaper).
September 29: Showbiz Sandbox (podcast).
September 26: KNBC ch. 4.2.
September 25: KFWB.
September 24: AP.
September 19: SAGWatch.
September 13: SAGWatch.
September 7: KCRW (SAG and WGA elections).
Fall: Student Press Law Center (re liability for online comments)
August 21: SNL Kagan (re relations between Redbox and the studios).
August 12: SNL Kagan (re reality television contestants).
August 7: KFWB (dispute between guilds and Television Academy over Emmy award telecast)
July 29: Back Stage magazine.
July 27: KFWB (re formation of new media company to be run by Ben Silverman)
July 24: Hollywood Reporter (article by JLH regarding revising the guild residuals system).
July 22: KFWB.
July 21: Daily Journal (op-ed re the historical origins of copyright infringement on the Internet) (available in slightly different form on the Huffington Post).
July 15: Digital Production Buzz (re depiction releases).
July 7: Handel’s article Is Content Worthless? was discussed in the book Free (2009), pp. 140-42, by Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired.
June 18: KFWB, Century City Lawyer (e- newsletter).
June 15: LA Business Journal (op-ed re the struggle between content and technology).
June 11: Variety (op-ed re the future of the film industry).
June 10: KPCC (podcast and print recap), Metro Networks radio.
June 9: KFWB, BBC World Service, Reuters, The Wrap, Filmnut online video show, Daily Journal (op-ed re the struggle between content and technology), TVWeek (same).
June 8: KFWB.
June 3: Reuters.
June 2: The Wrap, SAGWatch.
June 1: Quasi-Glamorous Life podcast for actors.
May 29: KFWB.
May 26: KFWB.
May 21: KFWB (regarding piracy), Digital Production Buzz podcast.
May 20: KFWB, Century City Lawyer (e- newsletter), SAGwatch.
May 19: Reuters, SAGwatch.
May 14: KFWB.
May 13: KFWB.
May 8: KFWB (live).
May 4: AP Radio (regarding U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction”).
April 27: LA Business Journal (and here); KFWB (re William Morris – Endeavor merger) and Reuters (re same).
April 23: KFWB.
April 21: SNL Financial.
April 20: CNBC, KFWB, AP Radio, Reuters, and TelevisionWeek.
April 19: KNBC Ch. 4, KNBC digital Ch. 4.2, and KNX.
April 18: Kansas City Star’s TVBarn blog.
April 17: KNBC Ch. 4,  KFWB (three times, twice live), KNX (live), Metro Networks radio, Reuters, AP, MarketWatch, and Twitter (and again).
April 14: KFWB.
April 12: Variety.
April 10: KFWB.
April 7: Daily Journal (Op-Ed).
April 6: KFWB and Back Stage magazine’s Blog Stage.
April 2: NY Post.
April 1: Reuters and KFWB.
March 31: KFWB (twice).
March 27: KFWB (re the state of the entertainment industry).
March 26: Digital Production Buzz.
March 25: KFWB.
March 24: Daily Journal (Op-Ed).
March 21: AP radio.
March 18: KFWB radio and Radio Business Report / Television Business Report.
March 17: KFWB radio.
March 15: Radio Business Report / Television Business Report.
March 11: Kansas City Star’s TV Barn blog.
March 10: Reuters.
March 9: KFWB radio.
March 2: San Fernando Valley Business Journal and KCRW’s The Business.
February 26: KFWB radio.
February 24: KFWB radio.
February 23: Marketplace and Reuters, and appeared as a panelist on an in-person panel sponsored by Zocalo.
February 22: KNX radio.
February 21: KNX radio.
February 20: KFWB radio, Agence France Press (AFP) wire service, The Wrap blog, and the Contact Music blog.
February 19: KFWB radio and The Wrap blog.
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September 17:  Handel was named to a list of the top 100 lawyers in California by the Daily Journal, a legal newspaper published in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The listing cited his work in commenting and blogging on Hollywood’s labor troubles over the past year.
September 15:  Handel published an Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Business Journal on the Screen Actors Guild’s stalled talks and toxic politics.
September 11:  Digital Production Buzz, an online radio show (re SAG and AFTRA).
September 10:  Handel conducted a streaming video interview of Kim Roberts Hedgpeth, the National Executive Director of AFTRA.  The interview was reported and summarized on SAGwatch.
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May 26: Handel published an Op-Ed piece in the Los Angeles Business Journal in which he analyzed the state of the actors negotiations and criticized both parties for failing to keep their eyes on the competitive threat posed by Silicon Valley.
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May 15: Hollywood Reporter (re the studios’ proposal that they be allowed to use clips of actors’ performances without seeking consent from the actors).  Also, an article written by Handel appeared in the Daily Journal (cited the next day in Studio Briefing), discussing how the actors negotiations might play out.
May 11:  an article by Handel was cited on
May 9: Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq. legal blog (regarding Handel’s article on trademark registration for movie titles).
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Earlier in 2007, Handel appeared a number of times on blogs and in business publications regarding a variety of legal issues related to the Internet, entertainment, and business generally.