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Peter Selvin Cited for Excellence

TroyGould Litigation Member Peter Selvin was mentioned in a recent article of the Daily Journal for his excellence as a litigator.

The July 28, 2015 article featured Marc Primiani. Primiani, who started his career as a tax attorney, co-founded Quintile Wealth Management in 2002 and has seen its growth into the present firm, Aspiriant LLC, an employee-owned wealth management firm with eight national offices that manages over $8 billion in liquid assets for 800 clients.

When asked “What law firms do you work with for outside counsel and what qualities do you look for?” he responded, in part, “I’m looking for smart attorneys, and I don’t really want to deal with associates. I want to deal with someone who knows what they’re doing….[W]e use Peter Selvin of TroyGould as our litigation counsel. Every lawyer we use is a star. My best advice: hire people, not law firms.”